How to Create the Perfect Eyebrows for your Face Shape

Do you know how haircuts and fringes suit certain face shapes? It’s the same with brows. The brows frame the face, and the perfect eyebrow shape can go a long way in flattering the features you already have. Luckily, beauty school is now in session.

To figure out how to shape your eyebrows, find to your face shape and follow our expert top tips!

1. Round Face

Features: Round faces are equally long and wide, with a rounded jaw and chin.

Celebrities with your face shape: Chrissy Tiegen, Kirsten Dunst and Ginnifer Goodwin.

The best eyebrow shape for round faces: To balance out your soft, rounded face, go for a sharp, arched brow with a longer end. The angle of the arch will “lift” your face and add definition and dimension for a more structured look. If you have an especially round face, make sure your arch is closer to the inner corners of your eyes than the outer corners. When your arch is further away, your face will appear wider.

Top Tip: When you’re filling in your brow, pick a brow pencil that’s one shade darker than your natural colour and focus on your arch. The Certified Organic Vegan Eyebrow Pencil comes in a range of shades to help you choose. Then, brush your hairs upwards to elongate your face.

2. Long Face

Features: If your face is about twice as long as it is wide, you have a long, lean face.

Celebrities with your face shape: Gisele Bundchen, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lisa Kudrow.

The best eyebrow shape for long faces: The goal is to elongate your brows and add a horizontal feature to your face. To do this, experiment with a straight (or flat) brow and a gentle arch. High arches make your face appear slimmer, so you want to move away from those.

Top Tip: Grab a creamy brow pencil - like the Certified Organic Vegan Brow Pencil - and fill in your brows using short, quick strokes. This will leave you with a soft, natural finish.

3. Heart-Shaped Face

Features: With a heart-shaped face, your cheeks are wider than your hairline, and your chin is narrow and pointed. Many people with this face shape also have a widow’s peak.

Celebrities with your face shape: Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, and Ruby Rose

The best eyebrow shape for long faces: Since you have a mix of rounded edges and sharp angles, it can be tricky to balance out the features of a heart-shaped face. Your best bet is creating a soft, full brow with a low arch to match the curve of your forehead.

Top Tip: The focus is already on your forehead, so you don’t want to draw too much attention with a heavy brow. Choose a brow pencil that’s close to your natural colour, and just use it to fill in any sparse areas in your brow.

4. Oval-Shaped Face

Features: Your face is about 1.5 times as long as it is wide, with no major points or angles.

Celebrities with your face shape: Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Beyonce

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The best eyebrow shape for oval faces: Guess what? Thanks to your naturally balanced features, you can pull off any brow look you like. If you need inspiration, you can’t go wrong with a softly angled brow.

Top Tip: If you have a higher forehead, large eyes or plumper lips, a fuller brow will flatter your face. And if you have smaller eyes or features, try slimmer arches for a more natural look. Either way, the Brow Perfector is the best eyebrow gel for thickening brows and filling in any gaps.

5. Square-Shaped Face

Features: The name gives it away - square faces are known for their boxy shape and sharp, defined points. Usually, the hairline and jawline are the same width.

Celebrities with your face shape: Hayley Bieber, Angelina Jolie and Olivia Wilde.

The best eyebrow shape for square faces: For you, it’s all about the arch. A high, curved arch will help to soften your features and balance out a heavier jawline.

Top Tip: Thick, full brows work really well with square face shapes, so don’t be afraid to strengthen your arch! As for how to make your eyebrows look thicker, reach for the Brow Perfector gel and brush upwards as you work your way to the end of your arch. Then, leave your brows to dry. If you have any gaps, you can fill them in with a brow pencil.

6. Diamond-Shaped Face

Features: You have a slightly pointed chin, and your hairline is a little narrower than your cheeks - just like a diamond!

Celebrities with your face shape: Elizabeth Hurley, Gina Rodriguez and Ashely Green.

The best eyebrow shape for diamond faces: You want to avoid a high arch as it can exaggerate the length of your face. Instead, try a flat brow with a slight curve in the arch. This will help to balance out the widest part of your face.

Top Tip: A soft brow suits you better, so focus on brushing and grooming your brows with a conditioning natural brow wax, rather than shading them in.

Learn how to shape your eyebrows at home

Now that you know which eyebrow shape will flatter your face the most, it’s time to get to work. Shop the best natural brow gels and liners online.

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