Yoga for Better Digestion and Glowing Skin

If you're dealing with skin issues, your gut might be to blame. The gut is connected to every single system, from your mood and metabolism to your hormones and digestion. When it's not working properly, it throws everything off. That's where yoga comes in.

Find out why it's worth doing yoga for digestion, and three easy yoga poses for glowing skin.

Digestion and skin health

The gut is an incredibly important organ - and one of the keys to skin health.

Here's how it works: the gut is made of 'good' and 'bad' bacteria (or microflora). When you have an abundance of 'good' bacteria in your gut, you'll notice you have better digestion, skin and energy. But when you have too much 'bad' bacteria, that throws your gut out of balance. Your body can't digest and absorb the nutrients it needs from food and everything slows down - including digestion. And when your body can't eliminate properly through the digestive system, the signs show up in your skin.

Poor gut health can make skin conditions like eczema even worse, and it can also cause irritation, redness and breakouts. When your gut is inflamed, it can't function as well as it should.

How yoga can help digestion

Yoga is one of the best ways to improve gut health naturally. Physically, all the stretching, bending and twisting stimulates the digestive system and massage your internal organs. In other words, yoga can help to ease bloating, constipation and cramps and get things moving again.

On a mental level, yoga is amazing at calming the nervous system. It encourages you to breathe deeply and to let go of tension and stress. When you focus on your breath, your parasympathetic nervous system takes over. This system controls your digestion and helps your body to extract the vital nutrients from your food and deliver them to your other organs - like your skin.

When your body is relaxed, it rewards you with better digestion and better digestion is linked to clearer, healthier skin.

3 of the best yoga poses for digestion

It's time to roll out your mat! Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned yogi, try adding some easy twists to your yoga routine. They wring the toxins out of your body and free your digestive system up to absorb the nutrients you need for beautiful, glowing skin.

As you work through these three twists, just focus on breathing. Your body will do the rest!

1. Pawanmuktasana (Wind relieving pose)

The name says it all! To get into this pose, lie down and stretch your left leg out on the ground. Hug your right knee in towards your chest, and hold for one minute. Let go of your right leg and repeat on the other side. This pose helps to release trapped gas and stimulate a sluggish digestive system.

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2. Supta Matsyendrasana (Supine twist)

While you're lying down, pull your right knee up and across your body so it touches the floor on your left side. Stretch your right arm out on the right side of the body, and hold for a minute. If you're feeling good, you can deepen this twist by gently straightening your right leg. Release and repeat on the other side.

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3. Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half lord of the fishes)

Sit up and cross your legs. Lift your right leg up and over, and plant your foot on the ground next to your left knee. Stretch your right arm out on the inside of your right knee, and twist to your left. Hold for a minute, and then repeat on the other side. This twist encourages new blood flow to the digestive organs and helps to get rid of any ‘stuck' toxins.

Start practicing yoga for healthy skin

Yoga is brilliant for digestion. Because of that, it can also help with clearing up your skin and giving it that glow we all know and love.

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